Truck Equipment Parts That Turn Your Truck Into A "Luxury" Vehicle

Posted on: 15 July 2019

Trucks generally are not considered "luxury" vehicles. They are viewed as working vehicles. However, that does not mean that you cannot add various truck equipment and parts that will transform a typical working vehicle into a luxury vehicle. Here are some of the truck equipment and parts you can add that really give your truck some panache. 

Automatic Running Board Extension Steps

This after-market addition creates a convenient and easier way to get into your truck without needing an upper body workout first. The steps are attached underneath your truck's running boards, right below the doors on your cab. When the doors open, a signal is sent electrically to the steps to extend out and down. You can then step up and into the truck with ease. When you close the doors, the steps retract back underneath the truck. 

Rearview Cameras in the Dash

Once reserved for only the most expensive luxury vehicles, rearview dash cameras can now be installed in truck cabs. If you frequently have trouble judging distance while trying to back up your truck, the dash screen with the rearview camera is an awesome addition to your truck. You will never again second-guess a parking spot or worry about hitting something or someone you could not see behind the truck.

Windshield Projections for Truck Information

They always say that you should keep your eyes on the road. That is a little difficult to do when you drive a truck and you are attempting to keep your eyes on the road, on your load, and on the dash info at the same time. Now you can kill two birds with one stone by installing a special system that allows you to project truck information onto your windshield while you drive. You can see how fast your truck is going, whether or not you need gas, the direction you are going, and even GPS coordinates (if you want them).

All of this is projected a third of the way up the windshield and can only be viewed by the driver. You can turn the projections off at any time on any trip as well, but most people who have driven luxury vehicles with this feature prefer being able to see what is projected onto the windshield because their eyes stay on the road ahead and they are never glancing down to see what the gauges on the dash read. Installation of this device/system is tricky, but the right automotive shop can manage it.