• Simple Tips To Make Your RV More Environmentally-Friendly

    From installing energy-efficient appliances to making sure to meticulously sort your recycling, when it comes to your home, you go the extra mile to protect the environment. If you are shopping around for a new recreational vehicle, you might not realize that you can enjoy the luxury of an RV without sacrificing your beliefs. The next time you are surfing the net or checking out your local dealership, here are a few environmentally-friendly RV upgrades to consider:
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  • Features To Look For In A Dash Cam To Protect Your Semi Truck

    If you are in the market for a high-end, used semi truck, then you may opt for a name brand commercial vehicle like a Mack variety. Used semi trucks are expensive, especially if you want a high-end type. Heavy duty trucks are going to be somewhere in the $100,000 range. If you end up spending this much money, then you want to protect your investment as best you can. This means finding a truck with different safety accessories or installing safety system in the truck yourself.
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