Reasons To Go To A Specialty Shop When Your Truck Frame Is Aluminum

Posted on: 9 June 2017

Many popular trucks these days have body frames that are made from aluminum instead of steel. Aluminum alloys used can be strong and durable, weighing much less than steel does. As a result of the weight difference, trucks made from aluminum have increased fuel economy. Not only that, but you can put more weight on the truck because the truck itself is not so heavy; you can enjoy lower maintenance costs over time because the tires and vehicle components don't experience the same wear and tear as they might when the truck is made of steel.

If you drive an aluminum truck and have a fender bender or minor collision, you're likely to visit a body shop to have the vehicle repaired. It is vital that you head to a specialty aluminum repair shop for the following reasons.

Aluminum Conducts Heat Better Than Steel

Generally, aluminum and aluminum alloys are excellent heat conductors. Therefore, welding is more of a challenge than with steel; the aluminum components heat rapidly and the heat travels far more quickly than with steel. Welders working in a body shop need to know and have appreciation for this so that their welds on aluminum trucks can be done correctly instead of creating more damage. In fact, a specialty aluminum repair shop may opt to reinforce their work with adhesives and rivets so that in the event of a fire or other excessive heat episodes, the aluminum structure remains intact.

Steel is Corrosive to Aluminum

What you might not know is that at times, different metals can be damaging to each other. Steel shavings or dust that settle onto an aluminum body part can initiate the process of corrosion right away. For that reason, if you have an aluminum truck, you ought not to take chances getting your truck fixed at a shop that also fixes steel-made vehicles. Even something as minor as using the same tools on the two different metals can have a negative effect. Instead, use a shop that has a specialty in aluminum trucks so that the right tools are used and there is no chance that your truck will be affected by steel while it is being repaired.

Now that you understand more about why a specialty aluminum repair shop is important for aluminum-framed trucks, you can look for the right body shop, like Exoticar Paintworks Inc, in your area. You should then be able to rely on the shop for a safe, repaired truck.