Features To Look For In A Dash Cam To Protect Your Semi Truck

Posted on: 7 February 2017

If you are in the market for a high-end, used semi truck, then you may opt for a name brand commercial vehicle like a Mack variety. Used semi trucks are expensive, especially if you want a high-end type. Heavy duty trucks are going to be somewhere in the $100,000 range. If you end up spending this much money, then you want to protect your investment as best you can. This means finding a truck with different safety accessories or installing safety system in the truck yourself.

One important accessory is a dash cam recording system. Keep reading to learn about some tips on finding the best system.

Automatic Data Storage

The best dash cameras are ones that record 24 hours a day, whether your truck is running or not. This is best to protect your commercial vehicle from accidents and vandalism, even if you are away from the truck. Most of these constant recording devices have a built in memory system with a 2 to 64 GB memory card. The card is similar to the one you use to store your digital camera photos. The smaller 32 GB cards can store about two to three hours of recorded data. The larger 64 GB varieties store about twice this amount. If you are happy with a full four to six hours of video data storage, then look for a camera that has the ability to hold a 64 MB data card. This is a good choice to make sure that you can access information for a good portion of your  mandated 8 hour off-duty time. 

You should understand that the data card will automatically store video data and will overwrite the new video over the old data that was previously recorded. The new video will be placed over the oldest data first. This means that you will always be able to access the last four to six hours of information. If you have a fairly tight budget or if you find a used semi that already has this sort of system, then it will likely to meet your needs. 

Most dash cams have a sensor system that identifies a hard braking situation, an impact, or an accident. When the sensor detects these things, then the data from the camera is locked and is not overwritten. This allows you to access the data whether you are able to do so right away or not. Investigate whether or not your camera has this feature or not. It can be incredibly important if you end up needing to use the data from the camera.

If you do not want to rely on the automatic data saving capabilities of your dash camera, or if you take more than the designated 8 hour off-duty time to rest, then look for a device that can save to an external drive. You can purchase a drive with a much larger memory that a simple memory card. This allows you to retain data for days instead of hours. This sort of device is also advantageous if you decide to hire drivers to move cargo with your truck. Recordings can then be assessed once the driver completes his job to make sure that safe driving practices and driving regulations are followed closely. 

Audio Recording

Many dash cams only have video capabilities without audio. While this can help to show who was at fault during an accident, it may not protect you from verbal altercations that result if individuals damaging your truck. Also, commercial drivers are often held accountable and blamed at least a small amount for accidents. Under the law, commercial truck drivers have a duty of care to act responsibly and reasonably to protect other motorists on the road. This means that even a rear-end accident can be blamed on your driving, simply because you hold a commercial license. 

If you are truck driver, then it is best to have all the evidence you can get to prove that you are not at fault for accidents. This includes audio recordings. For example, if the other driver admits blame and you catch the audio, then this can help to resolve accident issues quickly and keep your insurance from rising. Audio recordings can help the police identify individuals who have committed crimes or who have fled after accidents as well. This can be especially helpful if you want to avoid the high costs associated with trailer damage. 

Dash cams with audio do require more memory storage than ones that record video alone. This means that they are a good option if you want to invest in an external hard drive. You also have the option of adding a separate microphone system to the truck if it is already equipped with a dash camera. You can then attach the system to its own data storage. 

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